Peace of mind for the state you’re in.

TaxDay is the innovative travel-tracking app for people who work or reside in multiple U.S. states throughout the year and need to track time spent in different tax jurisdictions for reporting at tax time.

How the app works

TaxDay contains the complete and often complex residency tax rules for all 50 U.S. states. Using your mobile phone’s GPS, the app automatically tracks and records the time you spend in each state so you have an accurate log of taxable days to provide your tax professional each year.

Syncing and Tracking

Track time spent working in various cities and states with ease using your GPS.

Data Security

Secure cloud storage means your private data is protected.

At-A-Glance Reporting

In-app reports and notifications let you monitor your travel history directly from your phone.

Tax Preparation

Generate comprehensive tax reports for your accountant or tax preparer with a single tap.

Who Uses TaxDay?

 Multi-State Residents

 Busy Executives

 Professional Athletes

Entertainment Professionals

 Frequent Flyers Doing Business In Various States

 Anyone Who Wants To Track Their Tax Days While Traveling!

The TaxDay Team

Jonathan Mariner needed an app to help him more accurately report his multi-state residency when filing taxes in order to avoid expensive consequences. TaxDay is the answer!

Are you ready for TaxDay?

Download TaxDay now and get a free 90 day trial. Then enjoy peace of mind with nationwide coverage for $9.99 per month. Get it now—no credit card required!

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